AIM 2018
ACAIM Celebrates a successful 3rd Annual Congress of Academic International Medicine!
Thank You to Our Host: SUNY Downstate Medical Center, in Brooklyn, NY
This Year’s Congress:
  • Doubled Our Attendees
  • Hosted Academic Institutions Nationwide
  • Welcomed Organizations including USAID, CDC, and ABEM
Pre-conference Activities Included:
  • Renowned Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy Review Course
  • A Multidisciplinary Group Collaborated to Create Metrics for Standardization of International Medical Programs

Cochrane Course

AIM 2018 Highlights:
  • Dr. Riley, President of SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Kicked Off the Weekend with a Warm Welcome!
  • Dr. Craig Spencer, Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine at Columbia University, Delivered an Excellent Keynote Speech!
    • Dr. Spencer eloquently discussed the unique challenges of incorporating evidence-based practices into international medicine and posed several creative solutions to maintain an ethical, objective, and organized approach to this line of work.
  • Dr. Diane Gorgas Presented a Stimulating Past President’s Lecture!
    • Dr. Gorgas offered guidelines to garner academic institution support for international medical programs.
  • The Women in International Medicine Session:
    • Examined the landscape for women leaders in academic international medicine
    • Tackled subjects ranging from professional advancement, to sexual harassment, to gender equality advocacy
    • An experienced panel of speakers stimulated a thoughtful discussion around ethics in international medical programs
    • Initiated future planning for a group to explore development of standards and competencies to guide improved practices
  • The Global Health Security Session:
    • A lively discussion emerged around this topic
    • Global Health Security increasingly dominates our ever more intersecting world
    • Global Health Security has clearly impacted the work of both the speakers and participants present
  • The Injury Prevention Session:
    • Addressed the importance of intervention programs for victims of violence
    • This topic is increasingly relevant to the practice of international medicine
  • The Emergency Management Session:
    • Invited experts engaged participants to discuss the role of international aid in times of crisis
    • Discussed how crisis responses can be approached from an evidence-based perspective
  • The Low Fidelity Simulation Session:
    • Presented the use of low-technology educational aids which are easily reproducible in low-resource settings
    • The speakers included a build-your-own segment so that participants could take away a tangible toolkit
  • The 3rd Annual Congress:
    • Saw a wealth of fascinating and engaging discussions
    • Featured 40+ abstracts that were presented and judged
    • The best abstracts received free registration to AIM 2019!
  • ACAIM looks forward to continuing its growth, and invites academics from all specialties to join this unique collaborative platform in international medicine.

Dr. Craig Spencer, Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine at Columbia University.

The Women in International Medicine

Abstract Speakers Panel

Stay tuned for AIM 2019 in Philadelphia!!

ACAIM would like to again thank its sponsors for this Congress, including generous support from SUNY Downstate’s Office of the President, Dean’s Office for the College of Medicine, University Hospital of Brooklyn’s Medical Executive Committee, and Americares.