Setting Standards for
International Medical
Program Accreditation
Since 2018


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ACIMP Constitutional
Meeting - Spring 2021

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Our Vision & Mission:
  • Our vision is to develop and implement a standardized framework for programmatic assessment and credentialing of International Medical Programs (IMPs). Such framework should be based on established best practices and shall foster interdisciplinary partnerships among healthcare leaders and develop innovative approaches to optimize patient outcomes by promoting the right care at the right time, to the right patient, and in the right place.
  • Our mission is develop and maintain a system of assessing and credentialing IMPs to promote the highest quality of healthcare delivery, education, and clinical research across medical and surgical international collaborations.
  • Aim #1: To promote, accredit, streamline, and harmonize IMPs as defined in the two-part 2017 Comprehensive Framework for International Medical Program (CFIMP) published by the American College of Academic International Medicine.
  • Aim #2: To endorse and facilitate domestic/global collaborations and coordination of international medicine efforts, thus providing a clearinghouse function for other institutions and organizations.
  • Aim #3: To educate, publish, and assist policy-making in the area of international medicine, focusing specifically on accreditation and related issues.